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The Mill of Vistoft

The Mill of Vistoft Udskriv E-mail
uvi*2 has its conference center at the Mill of Vistoft - in a wonderful area of Denmark, Mols.

Since 2000 the wind mill of Vistoft has been used for meetings, conferences, exhibitions and other activities. uvi*2 uses the Mill of Vistoft as conference center. And for exhibitions. Since autum 2004 several of our other activities in the company are transfered to the Mill of Vistoft.

The Mill of Vistoft is an original wind mill.  The wind mill of Vistoft was buildt  after a fire in the 1850th. In the 1970thth  the windmill was totally restored. In the top of the mill is the original material and machinery intact, while the 3 other plans of the mill are open rooms. The mill was used for an old famous Danish film from the 1950called “The old mill of Mols”.  Look for more about the Danish film  "Den gamle mølle på Mols" here.

uvi*2 uses the Mill of Vistoft for different activities. In 2005 uvi*2 has established a Publisher house with the name Mill of Vistoft.