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Socimma Udskriv E-mail
uvi*2 has been partner in the project SOCIMMA since 2004  in collaboration with 3 other European partners.

The partners are the Klaipeda institute in Lituania, Abif from Austria and Transfer from Slovakia. At the moment we are working on establishing a website  for the project. 

An excert from the project description tells you more about the goal of the project:
The aim of the project is to create and promote the alternative learning environment targeted towards the ethnic minorities. The goal is to help the immigrants to enter the social and economical areas of a new country and to successfully integrate in a new country, considering their natural, cultural backgrounds. The task of the project is: using the research, analysis and experience of the other countries in this field, design an interactive learning setting, with concrete learning materials to fit directly the needs of the immigrants. The natural environment intended to help, provide learning material and learning possibilities, promote discussions and problem solving solutions to be formed. The partner countries’ experience of the culturally different immigrant groups, shared knowledge of the particular experience and combined research are crucial for the success of the project.
Starting from the learning experience of each partner institution and considering the alternative learning environments – from traditional education methods to innovation methods, the environment for adult learners to get used knowledge on education, other cultures and plurality of languages using ICT will be created.
The materials and methodologies gathered throughout the project will be accessible to the public via Internet.

uvi*2 is responsible for the Danish part of the website. Have a look here.