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EUROCOMPASS is creating a new integration measure for third country nationals (migrants without citizenship of an EU member state) by developing a new curriculum about common European values, as included in the draft European Constitution. These are founded on "the respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and the respect for human rights". Instead of changing existing integration activities, this new measure complements existing national activities, such as language training and orientation already being provided in member states. This approach is following the 'open co-ordination' method to promote a common integration policy for Europe.


After developing a common curriculum on European values, we will be piloting it with a number of established integration courses in spring 2005. As a specifically European focus on integration activities based on values is a new issue, we are undertaking a survey in the first phase of the EUROCOMPASS project, to help identify good practice models of integration measures and activities across Europe. It will take into consideration the different experiences and different approaches to integrating third country nationals.

uvi*2 is responsible for the Danish part of the project with questionairs, curriculum development and piloting of the project.