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 uvi*2 is a consultant company established in 1999.

We assist in fundraising, concept and project development. We make work shops, lectures and training in intercultural communication and competence. We are developing tools for assessment – and are working with “Assessment-Center’. We have been engaged in integration in multicultural societies – within this area training, education, investigations, development, assessment and analyses are some of our specialities. 
uvi*2 is engaged in integration, e-learning environment, interculturality. Evaluation, workshops, teaching and investigations are some of our main competences. 

We offer

  • counselling and fundraising
  • idea and concept development of projects
  • workshops on intercultural training and e-learning environment for interculturality
  • development of assessment center

uvi*2 has an international and European profile and has participated in a big range of national and international projects.  uvi*2 has for several years been partner of a lot of European projects and have partners all over Europe.

Currently we are engaged in Socimma, a new project on developping intercultural knowledge in e-learning environments. Eurocompass is another project we are engaged in at the moment. In this project we develop curriculum modules on EU and European values. Lately we finished an European Language Project on second language acquisition.

In the year 2005 uvi*2 has established its own publishing house - Mill of Vistoft Publisher.

uvi*2 art

since 2006 we have established an ART line in our company. Have a look
See our gallery